REVIEW: Aden + Anais Serenity Star

aden anais serenity star
OK, this is not a beauty product, but it IS helping me sleep easier right now, which is in itself a beauty miracle.

A level 3 heatwave warning has been issued – that’s the one to watch when you have little ones. My baby has also had a virus this week, and when a temperature of 39+ is on the cards, it’s even more important to keep the room cool, obviously. Cue total breakdown from me… She is stripped right down to a nappy all day and night at the moment, and even gets restless breastfeeding as the skin-to-skin contact is all too much. One thing that has helped us to work out what she should be wearing – whatever the weather – is Aden + Anais’ genius Serenity Star £64.99. As you’ll no doubt know by now, I am obsessed with Aden Anais muslins – the very swaddle Kate and William wrapped little George in on Tuesday, incidentally – and so while I’ve not put much store by baby gadgets, I had to give this one a go. And thank goodness I did.

Firstly, no Winnie The Pooh projections or nauseating nursery rhymes to distract my baby from sleep – all the more elusive now the house is at boiling point. It’s a simple white star, giving out a subtle glow to stop you tripping over stray toys on your way to your baby, and a digital reader for the time and temperature. It glows red when too hot – last night reached 28 degrees in a dark room with the window open – and blue when too cool. So no more guesswork about blankets, layers and vests, we KNOW what Emie needs with a quick glance at this gorgeous star. For younger babies, there’s a cunning feeding diary and four soothing sounds to play out: white noise, heartbeats and two surprisingly relaxing lullabies on a short loop so as not to stimulate the baby’s mind whatsoever. Pregnant ladies: get one for the nursery at once!


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