SPF for your baby

comfort zone kids

Yes, we’re all THRILLED about the sun. Enough already. I’m over it. The raft of anxieties that go with it are endless – how much sunblock should I use, how long can she be out in the sun for, is she going to be low on Vitamin D if I shade her constantly, etc etc etc.

So I’ve asked Dr Wendy Lewis – skin specialist – for the advice we’re all after. And here it is:

“It used to be the norm to wait until your baby was about 6 months old, but in light of the new and improved gentle sunscreen formulations, many pediatricians and dermatologists consider it safe to use on even younger babies. There are also special formulas just for babies with high SPF and non-irritating ingredients. Where babies are concerned, you should go for the highest SPF possible.

You can use just a small amount on any exposed areas, and keep them covered up with a hat to cover their scalp and face, and rompers that protect their little arms and legs.

Clearly it is best to keep babies out of any direct sunlight, because their delicate skin burns faster than ours. If you see your baby turning pink, by all means, get into the shade fast.”

I’ve tried a few this summer – mostly ‘natural’ brands as usual – and there are a few I’d recommend. Lavera’s baby sunblock is SPF30+, but is a block rather than a lotion, so it forms a protective barrier that is thicker and a little more difficult to apply than lotions. This is actually a comfort to me – my daughter hasn’t gone remotely red once. Comfort Zone’s new KIDS Face and Body SPF50 is far easier to apply, although it is scented which some people won’t want for their babies. I like the smell, but the plainer the skin products the better, in my mind. Organic Babies is nice for older children with an olive complexion – thicker than Comfort Zone but sinks in fast – but its ‘medium’ protection isn’t enough for my milk bottle of a child, I fear. I shall keep you posted on other brands later this summer…


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