REVIEW: Deborah Mitchell’s Heaven Body Wash


I’ve just been introduced to another natural gem – a shower essential for anyone trying to limit their toxin load during and after pregnancy. It’s the creation of Deborah Mitchell – known for her infamous bee venom facial, and for giving said facial to various Royal wives, including the world’s most famous mother-to-be – who has a concise collection of post-pregnancy pamper products. My favourite, the Dream Body Wash £26.50, would also suit pregnant skin -it contains grapefruit, a great oil for tackling water retention but also the kind of citrus scent that a nauseous mama-to-be will appreciate during a soothing shower. Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang will also lull the busiest of minds. And hurrah – another pump action dispenser, far easier for shower time.

It’s oil-based but doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue, it’s lighter than that. I felt that the scent was a little subtle, but actually applaud Deborah for this concentration – so many shower gels turned my stomach with their overwhelming blasts of synthetic fragrance, while this one gently whispers across your skin, lingering softly so that you remain relaxed and serene when dry. The best bit? My sensitive skin felt soft and smooth – I didn’t even apply lotion after my shower. Heaven, indeed.


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