Tara Lee Pregnancy Health Yoga Book

book tara lee

I had such good intentions when I got pregnant. The detox was easy since booze was off the menu anyway, and the next thing on my agenda to be an excellent vessel was to be really fit. I bought a lot of Pilates and Yoga DVDs, which languished while I tried to keep my nausea under control. The one DVD I did enjoy was Tara Lee’s Yoga DVD – it came highly recommended, and as she sat there in Lotus position, heavily pregnant herself, it felt safe and relaxing. I still enjoy it now to unwind – it goes a little easier on my new-mama frame than a sweat-fest workout DVD.

Now there’s a book to accompany – it talks through how helpful Yogic breathwork, meditation and visualisations can be for expectant mamas, which helps a thinker like me to justify the time out lounging on the floor. It’ll prepare you for labour, support your health as a new mother, as well as tackling common pregnancy complaints like swollen ankles and an aching back. The best thing about Tara, though, is she just makes you feel good – she’s nurturing yet honest. She’s also supported by Dr Gowri Motha, who came up with the Gentle Birth Method – another book for your reading list (I hold it partly responsible for my own ‘gentle’ birth). So all-in-all, as useful an addition to your bedside table as the ubiquitous What To Expect…


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