Cover Fx: Pregnant skin perfected


Ah, the pregnant glow. Otherwise known as eczema, in my case. I got a little bit of contact dermatitis, a little acne and a 24/7 red flush. I was doing the Beauty Editor thing one morning at a press launch, when a kindly makeup artist steered me towards this incredible foundation: Cover Fx. I knew it vaguely as a rosacea-friendly brand, but thought it would probably be a bit extreme for me and my usually well-behaved skin. Not so – a swipe of a foundation brush later and I looked so much better, a colleague thought I’d had a facial. My routine started with my trusty Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow primer – I’ve never deviated from that one product – applied with clean fingertips, and then the water-based liquid foundation, also applied by hand. I then used the pressed powder to gently cover problem areas – spots, redness across the cheeks, chin and around the nose – and finished with a very fat brush lightly loaded with the Bronzer. Somehow it avoids caking, crumbling or flaking – magic stuff – giving serious coverage with the dewy finish I’ve spent years chasing. A definite must-have for troubled skin.


3 thoughts on “Cover Fx: Pregnant skin perfected

  1. Jess Helicopter

    OMG I NEEEEEEEEEEED! I’d totally forgotten about this blog and now at 26 weeks I’m really annoyed that i’ve missed so much! But this product sounds AWESOME. I use Laura Mericer Silk Creme Foundation at the mo but although it’s great general coverage, it’s rubbish for my rosacea. On the bit underneath where it asks for website, I’ll put the post from my blog where i have a photo of said skin horridness. Also I have really dark pigmentation from freckle overload during this and my last pregnancy so whilst I am desperately trying to find a cure (bleach???) this product should really help disguise it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Jess

    • gracetimothy

      Hello! It is truly amazing – I love it. I would go for a colour match though – if you call House of Fraser they can tell you your nearest stockist as I’m not sure all locations stock Cover Fx. Enjoy and keep me posted!

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