Marks & Spencer’s Mum To Be Belly Butter


My well-documented dislike of body oils has led me to hunt down as many body lotions as possible, so that you too can moisturise without slopping about until you slide into your bathroom door. Yeh, that happened. So here’s one for your consideration – Marks and Spencer have a Mum To Be range, of which this is the highlight.

I first came across it when legendary makeup artist, Kay Montano texted a photo of the range to me – if she says it’s worth a look, it’s worth a look. First appearances were good – for once, there’s no claims of ‘banishing stretch marks’, just that your bump will look its best. It also says it’s ‘midwife approved’, which appeals to the neurotic within which questions every single product I come across, and is free from parabens, mineral oils and artificial colours and fragrance.

For a butter it is quick to sink in, leaves no greasy residue and smells SO good, I think mainly of rosehip oil then a faint hint of what smells just like cinnamon when it develops. It’s a high street option – just £7.50 – I’d definitely recommend.


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