Can I have reflexology?

I was told by many friends to see a reflexologist PRONTO. But the lovely lady I booked in with said it wasn’t such a good idea during the first trimester as there’s apparently a lot of ‘flushing out the uterus’ involved. Sure. When I did go back at week 37, it was AMAZING. And my labour was ace. Take that as you will – chances are the two were unconnected, but if I was to go for baby #2 I wouldn’t risk the odds. I asked Paolo Lai, resident reflexologist at Neville’s Hair & Beauty – and pregnancy reflexologist specialist – how can reflexology help a pregnant woman?

“It helps improve blood flow and nerve supply, and can reduce water retention, morning sickness, mood swings and back pain. It helps with insomnia and re-energises the body. It works with energy lines helping rebalancing the whole system. It is very important to check with your doctor, beforehand, of course. During the first 14 weeks the baby is forming, so the mother is accepting the baby and the baby is accepting the mother, and there are lots of changes. The body is trying to adapt to the changes. So it is important to be aware of the medical history before treating on the  first 14 weeks.”

When would you recommend they start a course, and how can reflexology benefit them at that stage?

“It is excellent for the third trimester when the baby is maybe causing you some discomfort, swollen ankles and breathlessness. Of course, it can also help the body prepare for labour by ensuring that the woman is relaxed and as stress-free as possible.”

What beauty-related benefits can reflexology have during pregnancy?

“It will reduce an excess of water retention, and improve blood flow, regulating bowel movement, expelling toxins, giving you a lovely glow!”

Are there any ‘moves’ you can ask your partner to perform on you at home?

“In the third trimester, I would advise them to massage their feet, rotating movement around ankles and gently pulling the toes. The meridians channels can be found on the toe tips, these six meridian are: the spleen/pancreas, the liver, the stomach, the gallbladder, the kidney, and the bladder. You will be very relaxed.”


PBG tip: please consult your physician before having reflexology during any trimester.


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