Natural deodorant: at last, a winner

kai deodorant

I’ve struggled to find an aluminium-free deodorant that’s light on chemicals and strong on gorgeous scents. And yet, I can’t bring myself to spritz all those pore-blocking nasties when I know my baby’s face will be tucked under there before long. I’ve been using Bionsen since I gave birth (after a pregnancy blighted by one natural deodorant after the other, all leaving me with a less-than-perfect odour by lunchtime). But now I’m thrilled to introduce you to this new offering by Kai.

That same delicate gardenia and jasmine scent that immediately evokes springtime, combines with Vitamin E, chamomile, plant extracts and natural skin conditioning sugars to control moisture and keep you feeling fresh for longer. God, it’s good.


2 thoughts on “Natural deodorant: at last, a winner

  1. Joannie

    Hmmm, never heard of Kai. Will read up on the brand. I am more and more interested in natural deodorants, so been doing a lot of research. One brand that keeps popping up is Lavilin. Any idea if it’s good?

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