REVIEW: STRIP! Leg Wax by Esther Walker

Waxing can be more painful during pregnancy when skin is sensitised by the hormonal overload. So I for one was not about to review wax boutiques whilst pregnant. So when pregnant women ask me, should I wax for my due date, I tend to change the subject. Thankfully, Esther was up for giving it a go, and so here you go…

“I last went for a wax two years ago, when I was just pregnant with my first child, Kitty. We were off to France on a sunny holiday and I thought I’d better get everything tidied up.

It was horrible. I have had waxes in the past and they’re never that nice, but this one was really painful. I had been warned that these things hurt more when you are pregnant (it’s something to do with more blood sloshing around, making your nerve endings more sensitive), but this was excruciating.

I had also just picked a local place at random. The room was small and stuffy, the therapist was irritating and over-familiar. The wax wasn’t that great – my bikini line remained spotty and raw for about a week.

So two years was about as long as it took for me to consider getting a wax again, in time for my due date, which looms close at May 8. First, it is nice to primp oneself a bit in preparation for labour. Nurses and doctors see all sorts of grisly stuff so why add insult to injury by presenting them with gnarly toes and stubbly legs? Second, shaving your legs when you are full-term is almost impossible to do without cutting yourself. And of course, it’s nice to have a few weeks’ smooth-legged grace while you have a newborn and personal grooming goes out of the window.

So off I went to Strip London, a chain of saucy wax boutiques with fronts in Soho, Notting Hill and Chelsea, which in my two years away from the hot wax has become THE places in London to get “done”. I blew in on that warm day we had in April and my legs were pretty much painlessly stripped in 15 minutes, using hot wax and cotton strips.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a wax so painless that I was able to talk and smile happily throughout the whole thing. It was no worse than ripping a long bit of Sellotape off my arm.

Alas, I had been so wary of it being painful that I had resisted getting my bikini line done at the same time – what a mistake! But never fear, I will be heading back to Soho once the baby’s out to see what else they can do. Did someone say Vajazzle?”


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