Nataliya Robinson: natural skincare solutions

With a background and education in naturopathic nutrition, Nataliya Robinson’s facial treatments are coveted – probably because she combines her in-depth knowledge of skin health with her background in naturopathic nutrition to treat any conditions holistically, personalising your treatment. When you’re pregnant that’s exactly what you need. So I asked Nataliya for advice on the kind of pregnancy skincare concerns she sees everyday.

What’s the best natural solution for itchy, red skin during pregnancy?

“My advice on itchy dry skin during pregnancy would be to take a Warm Oat Bath. Oats are very soothing to the skin. To prepare the Oat bath; place a handful or 2 of dry oats into a pair of tights, attach on the bath tap so water can run through the stocking. The water should be hot enough to make the oats milky – add some cold water to bring the bath to your perfect temperature. This milky-oat bath will moisture and heal the skin, soothe the itchiness and reduce inflammation. Itchy skin means there is a possibility that there are allergens in your diet, common food that can create alleges are; milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, soy, wheat, citrus, chocolate. To reduce the inflammation in your body system it will help to eliminate that products*. Or to help your body you can eat food rich in Quercitin, which helps to prevent allergies. Food rich in Quercitin include apples, cranberries, onions and blueberries.”

Why does skin become more photosensitive during pregnancy?

“A common skin disorder during pregnancy is Melasma, or ‘pregnancy mask’. It typically shows up as brown blotches on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. Since sun exposure seems to play a role in development of Melasma, you can help prevent it by staying out of the sun, wearing hats and big sunglasses, and using SPF creams.”

What are some possible positive effects pregnancy can have on the skin and how can we make the most of them with natural products?

“During pregnancy some women can experience healthy skin than before they were pregnant due to hormonal changes. The skin retains more water; hydrated skin looks plumper and fine lines are not so visible. So it’s a good time for those women to try and use a more natural skincare regime – experiment with organic oils for the face, and make your own facial mask with ingredients like avocado for moisturising and anti-ageing effects.”

* Always consult your healthcare professional – GP, midwife or health visitor – before eliminating any food from your diet when pregnant or breastfeeding.


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