Spring’s sleepless-night skincare solution


Thank goodness, the sun’s finally accompanying the alarm clock and spring has sprung. Of course, I don’t need an alarm clock as my baby girl has suddenly gone from an easy-going, excellent sleeper into a committed “I’m going to be awake all night long, ok?” kind of a child. As a result I’m heading into summer with grey skin. No more dim lighting to hide behind, I have to face the broad, bright, sparkling daylight with a dull, tired complexion that is worse than the one I had whilst pregnant. So I’m also thankful Dr Lens has come into my life, or my bathroom cabinet at any rate. His Zelens Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser £40 is the perfect light texture for this time of year – I’m less in need of a heavy-duty cleansing balm now the central heating is off and the wind is not so whipping – and yet seems to have seen off the very last vestiges of makeup. Use a separate eye makeup remover to keep eyes conditioned and calm, but then apply this cleanser with clean fingers, and massage in before rinsing and exfoliating with a muslin cloth. And pregnant ladies, I’ve checked – you can use it too. It’s like getting that beloved sundress out from the back of the wardrobe – I’m ready for summer.


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