REVIEW: Palm and Sole Nurturing Deep Night Facial Oil


This is a real natural gem for both expectant and new mothers, especially the tired and the taxed. Palm & Sole Nurturing Deep Night Facial Oil £18 is rich in Shea Butter to smooth over perrenial dry patches, and Rosehip Seed Oil – used for its regenerative, reparative prowess. I definitely lose that post-wash tightness as soon as I massage a couple of drops into my skin, and when I get up in the morning (note: I don’t say wake up – that happens throughout the night, of course), my skin is genuinely a bit plumper and smooth, without there being a residue or shine to the skin as with some oils. I don’t enjoy wearing facial oils during the day – most interfere with makeup – but this is a real tonic when worn overnight. An added bonus: my pillow smelt divine. You might want to invest in a silk pillowcase so that as much of the oil as possible stays on your skin and not your bed linen.


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