REVIEW: Mama Mio Lighten Up by Bryony Gordon


Joining Esther to review the treatments I am too un-pregnant for, Bryony Gordon of The Telegraph is now contributing to PBG in her final weeks of pregnancy. First up, she reviewed the Mama Mio Lighten Up treatment, £50 for 40 minutes at Urban Retreat, Harrods.

“It was with a pair of exceptionally heavy feet that I turned up at Harrods one rainy Friday evening. A dainty size five at the beginning of my pregnancy, eight months in I had swollen to a size seven. My shoes looked like they belonged to a clown; I would end every day with indentations from my socks around my ankles – these marks being the only sign that I still had ankles. I was the not-so proud owner of legs that looked like elephant trunks. Something had to be done.

Enter Mama Mio, experts in pregnancy lotions and potions, with a treatment for legs designed to tackle poor circulation and water retention. Leggings and Converse off, I lay back on a massage table and sighed with delight as my therapist exfoliated my feet and lower legs. This was so heavenly that I couldn’t even find the energy to be embarrassed about the state of my pins (as anyone who has ever been heavily pregnant will tell you, reaching your shins with a razor blade is almost impossible with a bump in the way).

Next, my legs were massaged with one of Mama Mio’s sumptuous body creams, before a liberal application of their Lucky Legs lotion. Ladies, I have no idea how anyone has ever got through pregnancy without this product. Containing spearmint, chamomile and aloe vera, it immediately soothes and cools tired toes and chubbed-up calves (it’s also great to banish restless leg syndrome – I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights have been averts thanks to Lucky Legs). I didn’t walk out of Harrods – I floated out. Bliss.”


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