Post-natal thinning hair

Just as your belly starts to deflate, your hair could quite possibly start to shed. Months after my baby’s birth, mine is now coming out by the fistful. There are lots of ‘hair thickening’ products out there, but can anything really stop your hair from falling out, or ‘thicken’ it? I spoke to P&G Clinical Director, Trichologist Keith Hobbs.
Why is my hair falling out?

“During the last 4 months of pregnancy, less hair is shed due to high circulating placental oestrogens keeping the hairs in the growing phase and making the hair thicker. Frequently, 3 months after baby is born, hair that would have been shed in the previous 4 months falls out, causing some concern.”

Can I stop it from shedding?

“You can’t stop the natural process of strands of hair falling out post-birth but simple steps can make a dramatic difference to how you look and feel.  A balanced diet can help maintain a healthy scalp and colour tints and cuts can help improve the cosmetic look of your hair, but crucially, your scalp also needs TLC and a boost.”

Enter Nioxin, which I am about to start using. Review to follow…


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