HAUTE MAMA: Pippa Vosper of Harper’s Bazaar & Maternally Chic


There is a new breed of ‘mommy blogs’, and the slickest of all has to be Maternally Chic. Pippa Vosper was a sought-after stylist when she fell pregnant – shooting for the likes of American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar – and so wanted to navigate her pregnancy with the glossy-appropriate apparel of a seasoned fashion editor. She didn’t let being pregnant get in the way of dressing with a fierce reign over trends and her favourite labels. It’s all beautifully documented along with news and reviews. Here she shares with us her key beauty survival tool.

“With a new world of pregnancy related beauty products opening up to me, I found so many were worthy of my attention, but I just loved the seeming simplicity of Orico London’s range. Founded by Shirin Valipour, the  products are of course extensively developed and deeply effective, but  there’s something instantly soothing (not literally, but yes, then  literally!) about the creams, oils and washes that became so much a part of me throughout those 9 months. With all that was going on around me  in my role as a fashion editor, I was working late into my pregnancy,  attending industry events and my aching body – and mind – needed more  than a little assistance to relax and unwind. I found the miracle  product for me was the Orico Little Love Nurturing Massage Oil; intended for babies and 100% natural and organic (as all of the Orico products  are), I craved the smell and the almost protective feeling using the oil gave me. When my son was born, I continued to use the oil for myself as I had grown so fond of the scent (hard to describe and like no other to me), but when my son’s dreaded cradle cap appeared, I started using the oil on his delicate skin and within days his unfortunate condition had  all but disappeared. I shall certainly be stocking up when baby number two is on the horizon!”


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