Silvercross launch a new pushchair & carseat


OK, so it’s not beauty-related, but it is BABY related, and holy nappy sack, it’s worth a look. The highly coveted Silvercross pram is undergoing an update. In baby mama circles this is highly exciting. I’m talking who’s-taking-over-at-Dior exciting, if I look back to my former life. The Wayfarer – £395 – is their first new pushchair in four years, and is accompanied by a new carseat too – The Simplicity, £130. The carseat has undergone stringent safety testing, AND comes in black, ‘chilli’ red, lime and sand. The uber lightweight pram goes from carrycot to multi-position reversible pushchair without a single broken nail, and there’s a choice of 6 coloured apron-and-hood sets.

This morning, the glammest of the mother-clucking crew gathered at The Ivy to see them unveiled. Well, where else would you preview a pram, I ask you? The rest of you can see for yourself at Silvercross.



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