Mirella Messerschmitt’s Selexir Peace Balm

Selexir Peace Balm_Hi Res

For some, getting pregnant can inspire new beauty obsessions. I was taken up with banishing acne for the longest time, and switched my entire skincare routine within weeks. For cosmetics expert, Mirella Messerschmitt, it was the beginning of a whole new career in the beauty industry, and for us, the birth of a great pregnancy aid: Selexir Peace Balm.

“My pregnancy very much affected my beauty routine,” Mirella explains, “I had two concerns: 1) to prevent stretch marks and 2) to adapt to a sudden onset of dry skin despite normally tending to oily skin. To counteract stretch marks I used natural shea butter twice a day after a warm shower on my belly and hips and for my face I used what is now Selexir Peace Balm as an intensive moisture boost, since my skin felt particularly needy.” Luckily for us, she joined with best friend, Elena Herdieckerhoff to build the Selexir brand. “Before my pregnancy, I loved my active life where I was always on the move between Europe, Japan and China,” she explains, “I had the chance to collaborate with many different brands, collections and people. However, my son changed things. I soon realised I wished for more stability and it seemed the right time to join hands with my best friend Elena to start SELEXIR.”

So, how can the Peace Balm by Selexir benefit other pregnant women? “With any pregnancy, every woman needs to find out what works best for her,” says Mirella, “As my skin became unusually irritable and dry, I found Peace Balm extra soothing and the slightly herbal smell of all the natural ingredients (including aloe vera, beeswax, honey, mango seed butter, Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil) had a reassuring and calming effect on me. Also, because Peace Balm is made of 21 natural ingredients and is dermatologically tested, it is safe for both you and your baby.” I can vouch for this little tiny miracle-bottle. It is completely divine, and feels like a robust feed for troubled, tested skin. Definitely a little but worthy addition to your pregnancy skincare regime.



Mirella’s pregnancy skincare tips:

“During pregnancy you need to avoid harsh ingredients. I know myself that conditions like acne can be very painful and unpleasant, but during pregnancy your skin often has a mind of its own. Don’t worry – keep calm and once the hormones settle it all will go back to normal.”

Dry skin
“In my experience, using lotions that are too liquid can dry your skin out even more. Stick to richer textures and wherever possible natural soothers such as Shea Butter or the amazing Brazilian Cupuacu butter that we also have in our Peace Balm.”

Hit the beach
“If possible, take a weekend off to go to the seaside. Salt water is the best to regenerate and clear any skin issues. Pay attention to not expose yourself excessively to the sun and apart from nourishing your skin also strive for a healthy diet.”



“I strongly believe that you have to listen to your own body and be alert to changes. Also, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist and doctor for advice during pregnancy if ever you feel you need help or support to make the right decision. For me my pregnancy was maybe the most wonderful and powerful moment I ever experienced. I wish for every woman in the world to have this beautiful feeling.”


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