REVIEW: Aveda Bath Salts by Esther Walker

Soothing Aqua Therapy


“I have never been that bothered by baths and don’t understand why some people love them so much and sit in them for hours going wrinkly and red. They take ages to run, getting the temperature right is a bore and then what do you do when you’re in there? Stare at the ceiling? I haven’t got time for that.

But this pregnancy I have discovered the joy of the bath. When you are feeling as physically unstable, mentally fragile and emotionally nauseous as pregnancy can make you, standing up in a hot steamy box while lathering up can make you feel really quite ill. And maybe there is some relief in the semi-weightless effect of the water around an increasingly cumbersome bump. I find at the moment that I could sit in a bath all day. But this could also be because once I am in, it is almost impossible to heave myself out.

A bath can also be combined with a bit of childcare; you can keep a vague eye on a two year-old poking about next to the bath on an iPad – if you are in the shower, deaf and blind, there is always an unrelaxing fear in the back of your mind that it has fallen down the stairs, or is drawing all over the bedsheets with your mascara.

So what to put in my newfound lovely bath? I have always found bubbles too drying and oils too greasy. The answer is Aveda Soothing Aqua Therapy £27.50, which scent the water and soften it a bit, without drying you to a husk or leaving the entire bathroom covered in a film of grease. I do love how Aveda gets its scent just right: so many organic products think that being organic is an excuse for things to smell like a damp pile of leaves – Aveda products always smell natural but still delicious.

The secret of bath salts, of course, is to be generous: throw a really big handful in – or even two! – to your bath. Because a time will come when showers are more neccessary, for whatever reason, and there’s nothing sadder than the sight of an ancient, half-used tub of bath salts.”


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