REVIEW: Bumps A Daisy

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A brand new pregnancy product line has just launched, and I was among the first to sample the products. Bumps a Daisy is a natural, essential-oil based line of pregnancy products to ease the skin complaints and physical strains.

I’m not a huge fan of oils but theirs (£25) does have the concentration of essential oils that at least makes it feel – and smell – like a proper aromatherapy treatment, unlike a lot of the ‘stretch mark’ so-called super oils. But if like me, you prefer a lotion, Bumps a Daisy has you covered (£22.50). It’s not a synthetic ‘version’ of the extracts mentioned, as I often find with such lotions, but real, strong, gutsy Neroli and Mandarin. It might be too strong for some pregnant, scent-sensitive women, but for me – an aromatherapy obsessive – it’s satisfyingly intense. And the pump dispenser adds further brownie points – no mess, no waste.

This brand is definitely one for fans of natural skincare who want to limit the chemi-count while they’re growing their own organic baby. The collection will make a lovely gift for a pregnant friend too.


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