Limp hair: a cure


Since embarking upon this project, I’ve been inundated with readers looking for the cures for gestational acne, eczema, hair thinning, even chapped lips. But few have had the same problem I had as a pregnant woman – and still do as a new mother, by the way – of lank, limp, greasy hair. For those of you who HAVE experienced this, I had to share this fantastic remedy.

Now, I’m not talking about thinning hair, although the two often go hand-in-hand. That’s a topic for a later post, I promise. But what I found most troubling was the very ‘bleurgh’ nature of my hair, even when I’d stopped bunging oily strands up into a top knot and returned to my blowdry routine. Stuck to my forehead within minutes of washing and drying, each individual hair seemed to have revolted against me, flopping resolutely downwards and refusing to be bouffed back up. Until I found the Invati system by Aveda.

I’ve yet to try the conditioner as my bleached hair needs the TLC of a moisturising mask at the moment, but the shampoo is all I need to add a bit of oomph and keep it there til the next wash. It’s almost as if it swells each hair, so that with a barrel brush, I can create a gentle lift from the roots once more. Having 3 inches lopped off the ends also helped, of course, but still my hair has added bounce when I use this shampoo. The consistency might be a little surprising at first – it’s very light and doesn’t lather – but the scent will win you over moments later.


Another gem – as recommended by the legendary Kerry Warn whilst I was bemoaning my lacklustre barnet – was John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Refresher Spray £5.89 – bit like dry shampoo in that you can apply it to dry hair for added lift, but lighter and with less residue for fine hair.


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