The Swimming Bag

baby swim nirvana
I take my daughter to swimming lessons once a week. It mainly involves pulling her in and out of the water while she chews disdainfully on her fist. But it’s my one concession to the whole baby group arena – yes, I chose the one activity where I’d be half naked in a hot pool with other people’s husbands. Don’t judge me for that, I didn’t think it through. And of course it’s fraught with social faux pas. There was the first time we had to dunk the babies underwater, and had to submerge ourselves with them – that would have been a good time for waterproof makeup; I emerged from the pool looking like Gene Simmons. Or the time I donned an old one-piece that didn’t allow for engorged breasts. And the moment you lose confidence in your bikini wax and have to hold your baby strategically in front of it as a human shield.

Anyway, the worst part of the whole process – just as it was at school – is the showering. Wrestling yourself and your baby out of your swimwear, washing and then dressing without dipping your JBrands into the ubiquitous puddles. But I’ve got one up on the other mothers (and isn’t that what we live for now?) – just as I’m jealous of their washboard stomachs, they’re jealous of my beauty stash. And here it is…

Organic Babies Unscented Body Wash & Shampoo £6.89 – washing one-handed while you grip your slippery baby in the other is a learned skill. This gorgeous, soft and happily natural body wash has a pop-cap so you can flick it up with your thumb nail and snap it shut against your leg. Anything that requires a pump to dispense, or is so fluid it pours out without a squeeze just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll be glad of something so gentle and moisturising post-swim.

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm £6.99 – I have one in every bag, they’re so little and yet SO useful. After swimming, it’s good to have something substantial to tackle any dry patches as chlorine can irritate and inflame. It evens soothes and softens dry patches of eczema, as well as cradle cap, a chapped chin and nappy rash. It also sorts my prune-like hands out after a dip.

Jackson Reece Natural Herbal Baby Wipes £2.39 – as I’ve mentioned before, these are the nicest wipes I’ve tried – gentle and natural.


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