Treat for new mothers: Diptyque’s NEW candle

Photo 2066

I was bowled over by the beautiful flowers sent by wellwishers in the days following Emie’s birth. The house smelt divine as we settled down in amongst the petals. A week later, still locked in our blissed out baby bubble, neither of us thought to start culling the collection before they soured. And hey presto: another job to add to the suddenly lengthy to-do list, and a whole lot of gnarled roses. Not what you need when the adrenalin runs out with your frozen meals and laundry detergent.

Better than a bunch of flowers is a candle – something to light when you sink into your post-feed bath, something to mask the smell of the first nappies, something to remind you spring has sprung and with it, the joys of your new baby. Jonquille, Diptyque’s latest launch, combines its namesake, daffodil with warm moss and honeyed blooms. £40


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