The Changing Bag

changing bag

As a pregnant woman you might have the optimistic ideas I had about simply popping some nappies in my Loewe tote and eschewing the – albeit cult – wipe-clean bags of a certain retro designer. However, after the first time my friend’s baby crapped all over their brand new BMW and her gorgeous silk blouse on their way to London, I’ve carried an insane amount of tackle. Here are the beauty products I’ve stuffed – alongside the spare clothes (for her and for me), nappies, nappy sacks, hats, bibs, books, muslins, flannels – into a *gulp* oil-cloth changing bag. There’s barely room for my lipstick…

Jackson Reece Natural Herbal Baby Wipes £2.39 – I’m an advocate of using cool boiled water and cotton wool to cleanse your baby, but that’s tricky when you’re out and about – these are the nicest wipes I’ve tried – gentle and natural.
Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream £3.77
Metique Tea Tree Hygienic Hand Cleanser £4.99
L’Occitane Mum & Baby Cream £13.50
Naty Nappies and Nappy Bags
Aden + Anais Lovely Snap Bibs £19.95
Laminated Change Mat £29
Aden + Anais Lovely Swaddle Muslins £44.95 – not only can you catch milk spills, but if you tuck one corner under your bra strap on your shoulder, it can drape down over you and your baby’s head as you feed.


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