HAUTE MAMA: Julia Yule, Glamour Magazine

julia yule and baxter

The next in our Haute Mama series, Julia Yule is Glamour’s Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor, but also co-founder of pregnancy skincare range, Bloom & Blossom. And of course, mother of Clemence and Baxter. This is one mama-in-the-know.

“Backache plagued my third trimester and as I got bigger I found it harder and harder to pick up my 2 year old. But there is so much picking up needed – car seats, high chairs, swings, cuddles… So I resorted to 2 things – lower back massages from the hubby, long soaks in the bath and the V pillow for sleeping. A perfect cocktail to take the strain off my back. It is a minefield working out what oils you can use when pregnant and (without wanting to plug my own brand) – I knew I was safe with Bloom & Blossom Mother & Baby Oil, and Bloom & Blossom Indulgence Bath Oil so used them by the bucket load.”


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