REVIEW: Pregnancy Oil vs Cream by Esther Walker

(c) Dermblog
(c) Dermblog

The lovely – and pregnant – Esther Walker is reviewing a crop of pregnancy-specific products for me. Today, Mum To Be Organics Rich Tummy Cream – the alternative to pregnancy oils. GT

“I’ve never been that convinced by body oils. They can smell a bit strange and slop about, and if you are using an oil as part of your daily ablutions, you have to keep washing your hands so as not to get it all over your hair, your clothes and your towels. Having said all that, I religiously smooshed Bio Oil all over my tummy with my first pregnancy, so terrified was I of stretch marks. I didn’t get any. But I did have to have my bedroom carpet professionally cleaned because it was dotted with greasy splotches from some over-zealous application.

During this pregnancy I have been less bothered about the possibility of stretchmarks. In fact I’ve been more slack about any sort of beauty routine in general, and have just been using my normal body moisturiser, Aveeno. So far, no stretch marks again. My mother had four children and never had any stretch marks, either. But you should see our varicose veins. Ugh! So, I am now convinced that you either get stretch marks or you don’t and oils don’t make much of a difference.

But stretch mark oil has rebranded itself in recent years; many no longer claim to exclusively prevent stretch marks but offer themselves up as all-purpose “pregnancy oils”, which variously moisturise, ‘nourish’, tone, soothe and relax, and also to prevent “bump itch”, which is when the skin on your tummy gets stretched tight as a drum and fiendishly itchy.

I offered up a crop of these oils to two of my sisters and my mother to try out (between us we have ten children), and the verdict was that pregnancy oils in general are no good. One smelled like “cooking oil”. But we picked Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Body Oil £45.50 as the best – my sister has some Comfort Zone Sacred Nature face masks and thinks they are terrific. But there was unanimous praise for Little Me Mum To Be Organics Rich Tummy Cream £7.15; not an oil, but it smelled nice, absorbed well and would double up as a general heavy-duty moisturiser. It also won’t make a mess of your carpets.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pregnancy Oil vs Cream by Esther Walker

  1. rachaelamos

    I am 15 weeks and currently using elemis japenese camellia oil. No stretch marks yet but early days! It’s light and not too greasy. So pleased I found your blog!! It’s fab!
    Rachie xo

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