Faking the Pregnant Glow: Smashbox O Glow

I might’ve looked a bit flushed after a morning of trying not to throw up, but otherwise the ‘glow’ everyone talks about totally eluded me. Still does. So this little gem – Smashbox O Glow Intuitive Cheek Color £21 – came in very handy. It comes out as a clear silicone-based (so, light and slightly velvety) gel but as soon as it warms on your cheek, it turns into a pinky glow. It promises to mimic the colour you blush naturally, by reacting to your skin’s moisture – that sounds so sci-fi, but indeed I found it did develop to a very natural-looking hue. There’s no glittery shimmer, none of the sometimes greasy sheen of a cream blush, and no chalky powder to worry about. Nor is there a need for precision, a handful of brushes or more than a couple of seconds in front of the mirror – a gentle dab-and-swirl with a fingertip is all it takes to get a satisfyingly warm colour.


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