Food for pregnancy and breastfeeding


I was SO sick throughout the first three and the last three months of my pregnancy. One day I only managed 5 Cheerios. I could only eat apples if they were peeled. I cried over really well segmented grapefruit. Twice.

I could have done with some nutritional guidance. So here it is – Geeta Sindhu Robb, founder of Nosh Detox (who is currently working on a nutritional baby food range) answers the top pregnancy-related food questions…

What are the best foods for tackling morning sickness?

Zest is best for morning sickness. Try ginger, lemon, almonds, peppermint – carmitive foods generally that will settle the stomach.

What can help create the ‘glow’ we crave both during pregnancy and afterwards?

Zinc; pulses; green, leafy veg; avocado; nuts; seeds, and coconut oil will help your body to glow.

Are there any great snacks for keeping you going through nighttime feeds?

Tryptophan-rich foods, like nuts, almonds, oats and poultry.

PBG tip: I had a stack of Bounce Protein Balls in the nursery for night feeds – they’re just the right size to give you a much-needed boost without making you too uncomfortable to sleep. The Almond version is packed with Zinc too, a ‘glow’ getter. Just check with your healthcare practitioner there are no reasons why you should avoid nuts before trying them.


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