REVIEW: SpaByCar Pedicure by Esther Walker


Since I’m no longer pregnant myself, I have enlisted the help of another writer – Esther Walker – who IS up the duff to review an at-home luxury pedicure service. Perfect for those with a toddler at home, or when too pregnant to waddle to your local salon, Spa By Car operates in London, sending out a team of highly qualified therapists to pamper you within the comfort of your own abode. Here’s what Esther thought of their Luxury Pedicure £50. GT


“When you are pregnant, or – Lord help you – pregnant with a pre-schooler, it’s your feet that really suffer. In the good old days of pre-baby unlimited buffing and scrubbing time your feet probably got a bit of love and attention. But as soon as the bump is too unwieldy to get your mitts around or there is a baby somewhere in the house, all thoughts for your poor tootsies fly out of the window.

One thing I swore before I got pregnant with my first child (now two – and I am six months’ pregnant with the second), was that I wouldn’t let my feet get too out of control. You can’t expect to be nursing your feet daily when there is Weetabix to be chippped off kitchen surfaces. But I didn’t want broken down old mum feet: I wanted my feet, at least, not to bear the brunt of my lifestyle choice.

But getting out to a pedicure has never been easy. There’s always something else to be done, always childcare favours having to be called in, which feels crazy and self-indulgent for something like a pedicure. And I also suspect that my local nail bar isn’t actually doing a particularly good job. My feet looked fine immediately afterwards and the next day, but the day after, the cracks started to show. Literally.

The other week I asked my husband to take my socks off for me, as I had simply got too massive to be able to do it myself with any ease. As he pulled them off, the terrible sound of cotton against cracked foot skin filled the room. “Oh my god,” he said. “You’ve got the feet of a dead crocodile.”

Enter left, the wonderful Bernice from Spa By Car, who arrived at my house one bright morning with a pink box of tricks, towels and a portable, self-heating foot spa, and  gave me an 80 minute foot blow-out that I won’t forget in a hurry. This luxury pedicure comes with a proper good old scrubbing of your poor neglected feet; an extra buff with a cream scrub; a foot and leg massage; a head massage; a foot mask, and then the usual file and polish, using Essie colours. I thought it would be strange to have a pedicure in my living room, but it wasn’t. It was brilliant.

You don’t have to commit to 80 minutes, though – there are speedier pedicures available, as well as a vast range of other treatments (I eyed a leaflet for a glycolic facial peel with interest as Bernice worked her magic). Best of all: their last appointment is at 8pm, so if you can’t trust your kids not to smash your house up while you are getting your toes done, you can do it after the little suckers are in bed.” EW


You should definitely have a look at Esther’s own blog, Recipe Rifle – I tend to salivate and laugh alternately. GT


One thought on “REVIEW: SpaByCar Pedicure by Esther Walker

  1. Dija

    There’s nothing like a pedicure at home. In my book it’s not even indulgent, it’s necessary once the bump starts getting in the way. Plus you’re more comfortable in your own surroundings. I’ve got one booked for Saturday and I can’t wait.

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