New Mama with LITTLE TIME: Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen

tom fird

This, ladies, is the secret to faking sleep. It sounds ridiculous, but the one thing everyone commented on in the weeks after I’d had my daughter was how surprisingly bright-eyed I looked. I look at pictures now and think, I actually look dewy rather than refreshed or especially awake, and the tell-tale signs of bloodshot eyes give me away. But still… I didn’t have a makeup artist on hand. I didn’t have a night nurse. I did have Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen £40. Having swiped a little MAC Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer around the eye, a couple of clicks of this pen and I’d add light to my brow bone, the very top of the cheek bone, under the lower lashes and a little at the inner corner of the eye where a blue-ish tinge naturally occurs. It makes it easier to pretend your baby’s sleeping through the night…


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