PREVIEW: Aden + Anais Mum + Bub


I love my Aden + Anais muslins, swaddles and comforters – it’s the one part of the kid ‘kit’ I actually covet as I once coveted Louboutins. Imagine the sample sale…

Anyway, I discovered their skincare range on one of my favourite US sites – Brooklyn’s Darling Clementine – and investigated when we’d be getting these luscious-looking goods in the UK. Due to EU regulations, their arrival is still being plotted out but I was lucky enough to receive a box of samples. Predictably enough, I love them. First up, there’s a great Soothing Ointment – a very rich wax-based multi-purpose balm for everything from nappy rash to wind-burn and insect bites. It might be too heavy for some skincare jobs, but I like the idea of a natural salve for lips, and it’s already softening up my cuticles as I type (yes, it’s for babies too, but once a beauty editor, always a beauty editor…) I gave the Hair + Body Wash the ultimate test: the shower after swimming – once I’d wrestled it back from the other mums – and there wasn’t a hint of dry skin afterwards. But top of my wishlist is the Ultra-Gentle Lotion – which is now my favourite moisturiser, and I’ve tried a lot. It’s light, smells like the back of a baby’s neck and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. All the skincare gems are free from all the usual things you’d avoid during pregnancy, and gentle enough for you, your baby and your Birkin (most likely).

Most interestingly perhaps are the laundry products – specially formulated by New York’s The Laundress and suitably soft on the beautiful muslins and your other precious baby clothes. The detergent and softener are free from harsh chemicals and petroleum, and the bleach for soaking stains is chlorine-free – perfect for your new family’s washing. And if you insist on hogging the skincare products, Aden + Anais are also launching toys into the UK very soon – Musy Mates will soon be hanging off of every passing pram.


4 thoughts on “PREVIEW: Aden + Anais Mum + Bub

    • gracetimothy

      Darling Clementine will ship from the US, but otherwise they’ll be with us soon in the UK I’m told! SO good, especially the body lotion – irrespective of whether you have kids or not!

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