Jo Malone: Fragrance during Pregnancy


I was as sick as a dog whilst pregnant, and found nearly every smell absolutely unbearable. Food, other people’s breath, even my favourite scents like coffee and perfume all made my head spin. Jo Malone experienced the same reaction while she was pregnant, and as a creator of perfume that was to prove very difficult. She called me when she heard I was feeling so rough and gave me a whole host of tips for coping with my new super-nose. We spoke again recently so I could share with you her genuinely effective tricks on coping with smell during pregnancy, and incorporating new fragrances into your beauty regime that can help you enjoy this heightened sense rather than curse it.

“I was so ill when I was pregnant with my son, Josh, I couldn’t create a single fragrance, and everything around me had to smell really clean. I loved the smell of Dettol, Cold Tar Soap – anything really fresh. I found it was better to have scent around me rather than on me. So rather than wearing my usual fragrances, I used cologne. I’d add a drop of it into the washing so my cotton blankets had a refreshing hint of it. I’d add it to the Dettol to wash the floors. I would add a tiny bit to my hair when rinsing in the shower. You can get a similar effect with candles, but you don’t want to burn too many and overwhelm your house with it.”

Picking a perfume

“It’s often best to avoid florals like Tuberose if you’re feeling sick. Citrus notes are safer – Lime, Pomelo, Orange – and are far less overpowering. Your sense of smell is governed by feelings, and heavily affected by hormones, so you might find that the scents you smelt whilst pregnant are unbearable afterwards – they can take you straight back to that nausea, so bear that in mind when picking a new scent!”

For baby

“I found cologne helped my baby sleep too. From very early on I used to touch a tiny bit of cologne onto the bottom of his pyjamas, and he grew to associate the scent with sleep. I’m not talking about dousing your baby in perfume obviously, but literally a touch of it can trigger a sense of safety, a smell of home that means they can sleep anywhere.”

PBG Product tip: Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance 30ml £45. And look out for the first Jo Loves store, opening later this year.


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