Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project

Tracy's LA studio
Tracy’s LA studio

I’m not a natural exercise buff. But when I got pregnant, I suddenly felt an innate need to be fit, tough and better equipped to carry this baby and get my legs up really high in labour (but I mean, really high. I thought it would make things easier in some way). This  objective varied in importance according to how sick I felt and the general proximity of Twizzlers and my friend Hilary’s carrot cake. But it makes sense: as your body is taxed by pregnancy and labour, it’d be nice to be as strong as possible.


Back in the fourth month of my pregnancy, I went to LA with Pureology and met Tracy Anderson at her LA studio. Tracy – who sculpted the abs of Gwyneth Paltrow and Christy Turlington post-pregnancy – was pregnant herself and was working on her new set of workout DVDs, The Pregnancy Project. She came up with 9 months of trimester-appropriate exercises, which launched in America in the summer. It’s not yet available in the UK – I’ll post it as soon as it is – but we discussed how the series works. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being strong, powerful and reclaiming a connection to your own body. I like the sound of that.


“My pregnancy workout is really about laying good foundations. It changes from month to month so you get 9 DVDs. You feel so different each month, and anyway variety is key to conditioning the whole body. To begin with, you can feel really tired, nauseous, or even scared, so I go easy through the first few DVDs. But then in the second trimester, it’s important to be fit, and most women want to feel a connection with their body – it’s about mental attitude, feeling empowered. So I show you how to move around the bump, how to improve your balance, setting a blueprint for your body after pregnancy. In the third, it’s all about preparing for birth, and staying really strong. I’ve been through it all before [Tracy gave birth to son, Sam in 1998], so this time I wanted to use the opportunity to create content that would help other women too.”


More good news: Tracy’s method is coming to London. She’s already trained some London representatives who have been working with her private clients, but now plans for a London studio are in place. Watch this space…

Tracy's abs on the wall of her studio - makes you sweat more.
Tracy’s abs on the wall of her studio – makes you sweat more.

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