THE nappy rash solution


I’m an advocate of using nothing but water to cleanse your baby for the first four weeks. In fact, we still use cooled boiled water and cotton wool balls for nappy changes 4 months in. Yes, it can be a little more fiddly than a handy packet of wipes, but I’ve yet to see a hint of a rash on her little butt. While the rash develops as a result of faeces and urine (I never thought I’d need to write ‘faeces’ as a beauty editor) sitting on the skin within the nappy, anything containing alcohol or camphor can irritate peachy skin. Whatever – I’ve seen more rashes amongst users of wipes than those who stick with water, especially newborns. If nappy rash does crop up, THE nappy cream to invest in before your baby arrives is Weleda Nappy Change Cream £6.95 – nice and natural, it contains Calendula and organic Chamomile to soothe irritation, reducing redness within hours. I’ve seen it curtail the angriest of rashes, and have used it to soothe sore neck folds on my own daughter. Paediatricians recommend you change nappies as soon as you know they’re soiled, give your baby some nappy-free time, and make sure the tush is dry post-change. No talc though – it’s another potential irritant.


2 thoughts on “THE nappy rash solution

  1. Amy

    We love the good old fashioned water and cotton wool too. So much kinder to babies bottom. Love weleda products for baby and mum. Thanks for discussing baby products too, finding this blog useful and informative 9 months after giving birth x

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