Like child’s play – eye crayons

topshop eye crayon

I was about 6 weeks pregnant when London Fashion Week began, and although I was secretly sick as a dog, I had to drag my sorry self to the catwalk for So having spent weeks in and out of hospital, face slick with sweat, hair in a permanent top-knot, I had to brave the notoriously unforgiving fashion world. Makeup had to be quick, durable and easy as I struggled to focus on one thing for longer than a few seconds. Luckily, I had a whole bunch of new eye crayons to trial – they make for the easiest smoky eye ever. Run along the inner rim and lash line, smudging any hard lines so you don’t need to be too steady-handed or precise. With your little finger, blend up from the outer corner of the lash line up to the socket. Et voila – Carine Roitfeld, eat your heart out. They still come in handy now I’m a time-poor mother, too. For a more subtle day look, I just line the upper inner rim. The pigment is so dense that one swipe will do it, so there’s no mess, no fuss. My absolute favourites were Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick £20.50 – favourite shades are ‘Plum’ and ‘Smoke’ – and for a lower price but just as delicious, Topshop Eye Crayon £6.50 – I love ‘Rust’.


2 thoughts on “Like child’s play – eye crayons

    • gracetimothy

      I shall investigate! I had a deep brown one, but haven’t seen them around in ages. Laura Mercier’s are the absolute best though, hands down – rich pigment, easily blended, beautiful colours.

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