A blog is born…

prego pic 1
Whether you’re pregnant, a new mother or just someone who’s interested in beauty, welcome to my new baby – The Pregnant Beauty Guide.

I am a beauty editor so make it my business to know about skincare, haircare, makeup and feel-good treatments. But even I was flummoxed during my pregnancy as to how to look after myself with all the rules imposed on pregnant women. I looked and felt terrible, and didn’t want to stay that way for nine whole months. I wanted to bloom, glow – nay DAZZLE. I sought advice from all the experts I could get my hands on while I waddled around London on a mission to work out how I could look and feel better, and really enjoy my pregnancy in a safe, healthy way.

My daughter, Noémie Rae was born in September and since then I have been plotting a way to share all that I learnt, so that we can all tackle the problems – and make the most of the best bits – that can crop up before and after your baby arrives. Like Vogue with a Ventouse…

Posts will be categorized according to the most suitable audience – pregnant, post-natal, everyone and the babies themselves – and tags will help you find the topics most relevant to you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll try to supply the advice you seek.

Don’t put up with pregnancy’s crap – kick its rapidly swelling butt.


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